It’s the fight from within, a battle to survive
No one knows the storm that’s brewing inside
A smile on your face, shine out to the world
Auras of perfection radiating from the perfect girl

But behind closed doors you crack, behind closed doors you break
That beautiful mask crumbles from your face
Fall to your knees, curl up on the floor
Feel the raw pain surging from your core

Unable to move, trapped by the heavy weight of night
No longer able to find the will to fight
Succumbing to many a sleepless hour, fitful tosses and turns
The emptiness inside continues to burn

Finally you’ve had enough, shining eyes turn to the sky
The first rays of dawn signal a brand new day
A newfound strength, discovered in the orange glow
A courage to face the world with a broken heart in tow


A Cold, Desolate Place

A grey mist enshrouds my entire being

I stumble blindly through the woods

So thick the fog, so cold the evening twilight

The light will be gone soon, faded from the world

Lost and alone, I will face what lurks in the dark

A fight for survival until the bitter end

Who knows if I will see the morning light again?


Once a warm and inviting house
Now the fire dims low
The winter winds penetrate the cracks in the thin walls
Fingers slowly start to go numb
Together they huddle next to what is left of the embers
His arm around her; they share dwindling body heat
The freeze is about to come

Her shivers turn to violent shakes
He cups her face in his hands
The dim glow illuminates her pale skin
Lips tinged blue, a hot tear runs down her cheek
He takes a trembling finger and brushes it away
A soft kiss, a sad attempt to bring her rosy complexion back to life
Her eyes are full of pain
A silent recognition, this is the end

The last of the embers die out
Darkness blankets the room
The walls tremble as they are pounded by the blizzard outside
The weight of the cold becomes too much
Two bodies lay down, arm in arm
Love’s great warmth keeps them alive just a little longer
But eventually the ice of winter conquers all…

An Old Photograph

A familiar face stares out of the worn edges of an old photograph
She gently runs her fingers over the long blonde hair, shining hazel eyes, brilliant smile
The image of a 14 year old girl she used to know so well
The halo still shines above her head
It radiates the beautiful light of youth and innocence

A tear runs down her face
Softly splashing onto the other person in the photograph
A handsome boy, grinning at the girl with adoration in his eyes
Love radiates from the image
Only she knows the truth, only she knows what it truly means

The picture begins to dissolve in her hands
She feels herself begin to tumble
Falling head first back into a different time, a different place, a different world
Now she sees the girl standing before her
They look at each other with knowing eyes, you are me

She softly reaches out her hand and touches the girls face
Tears stream freely down her cheeks
The girl embraces her future self
She sees the pain, but she does not know what has yet to transpire
No knowledge that a demon will soon come and snatch her halo

The girl pulls back to look into her eyes
Absorbing flashes of tragic memories and hurt, a foreign world that strikes fear into her heart
She whispers softly to the girl, “I’m sorry.”
The girl nods her head sadly, accepting the apology and the pain she knows is in her future
“You will be okay.” She closes her eyes as she begins to fade.

Opening her eyes she sees the photograph in her hand
A sob of regret escapes her as she relives everything she knows the girl will soon experience
There is nothing she can do, but pray she will be okay
Pray she will make it through
Pray something or someone will look out for her

As her tears begin to fade she looks up
Her reflection stares back at her from the mirror on the wall
Long blonde hair, shining hazel eyes, brilliant smile
Same as the 14 year old girl in the photograph
And a halo radiates from atop her head once more…

The Nightmare

A condescending chuckle invades my ear
I turn around and there you stand, grinning maniacally
Fear and panic stab through my body like cold icicles
My mind screams as I turn to run

Feet can’t carry me fast enough
I am swept up in a sea of terror
You are always close behind
I hear your mocking tone, “You are mine. Always mine.”

I sprint through your maze of horror
Assaulted by long forgotten memories everywhere I turn
There you are, holding me as we eat ice cream in the pouring rain
The smile on your face dissolves to one of malice as your eyes become those of a monster

I wrench away from your grasp
Tears begin to stream down my face
Running, always running from you
You are fast approaching. My energy is wearing thin.

I turn to face you, to submit and bend the knee
This is your world that I cannot control
No matter what the game, you will always win
I close my eyes, admit defeat…

And wake up drenched in a cold sweat.
Only a dream. A nightmare.

The Key To The Door

Your warm hands touch my ice cold skin
Fingers gently entwine themselves and squeeze tight
Heat slowly transfers as I begin to feel myself thaw
You wrap an arm around me and pull me closer
A strong embrace giving me the safety I so strongly desire

Your energy radiates and begins to work itself in
A calm washes over me, as I open my mind to you
You tenderly probe my thoughts
A desire to understand the being in your arms overtakes you
“What are you thinking about right now?”

I feel your relaxed presence inside my head
It softly moves through the most outer layers of my thoughts
You walk through a lush garden filled with many brilliant shades of orange
Coming upon the mansion that is the deep recess of my brain you stop
The only door to this mysterious place is locked

You stand on the outside of the door
Calmly, patiently waiting to be let in
Never push, bang or try to break it down
You know I hold the key
I could let you in at any time
But can you handle the monster that is raging inside?

A Slave To My Own Mind

Exhaustion clouds my being as my mind becomes covered in a shroud of fog
Images begin to flash, bright and powerful
They assault my consciousness
Memories that have been hidden away in the cold depths
Never accessed in the light of day
Now unleashed as the dark curtain of night falls down around me

Well built walls crumble as scenes from a past life return from the dead
Invincible, they invade my consciousness and take it under their control
Held captive by my own brain, I am shackled to the walls
Forced against my will to relive the past
Taunting voices torture my soul and reopen freshly healed wounds
My wounded heart is openly bleeding once more

I close my eyes and begin to pray
Desperate for a salvation to release me from this prison
A place where I am a slave to the power of my own mind
It’s strength is overwhelming
Slamming me to my knees as I admit defeat
The horror film of the past begins to play…