Characters In This Blog

This is just a list of people that I will mention in my blog. So if you see a letter and you wonder who it is, check here. I’ll update it as more are added.


P – My ex who I dated for4 years. It ended in August 2011, but we saw each other until September 2011. We broke up once before in Spring of 2010. The relationship was emotionally and verbally abusive, and on rare occasions physically. He also raped me anally and vaginally one night in July of 2011.

D – An old flame. We saw each other for a period of time after I broke up with P the first time around Spring 2010. I stopped seeing him when I got back with P. Now, that I’ve stopped seeing P we are talking again. I saw him over winter break (2011-2012) for one night and went to visit him over Spring Break 2012. We both really like each other, but will never admit it.

G – A brother at Bryan’s fraternity. We started dating in early February 2012. He’s the first guy I let myself really like since I broke up with P in August 2011. We made things official in May 2012, but I figured out that he was sleeping around in July so I stopped talking to him.

K – The new guy I’m seeing as of September 2013. I think he might be my polar opposite in a person.

JJ – A law student I dated. I pretty much broke his heart and that kills me on the inside.

C – A boy I met and spent the night with at Bryan’s fraternity

R – A guy from work and now a friend. We went on a few dates. He liked me, but I didn’t like him.

Z – A guy I met at a party.

Friends and Others

J – My brother. 15 years old in his freshman year of high school. A popular kid and a lady’s man.

S – My best friend

A – My roommate. We used to be really close, but we had a falling out and now we don’t speak.

Bryan – S’s ex. I don’t know why I didn’t give him a letter. Perhaps because he is not directly involved in my life.

Cameron – The guy A is dating. In the same fraternity as Bryan and G. They aren’t official yet.

U- A friend.

E – P’s best friend. We were friends as well when P and I dated. He recently broke up with his girlfriend of three years. Possibly gay?


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