What’s With All The Self Images?

After three glasses of wine I am no closer to writing my goals then I was 2 hours ago. I have, however, succeeded in making 26 pumpkin cookies. Not a completely unproductive night…

What I have to write about tonight is a slightly superficial pet peeve. I absolutely hate when girls take pictures of themselves in the mirror/with a webcam and then post it on social media. To me, that is the ultimate attention seeking behavior. This may sound slightly judgmental  but I really don’t care how good you think you look. You aren’t going to improve you self image by doing that, nor your self esteem. In fact, I see it as clear evidence that you lack self esteem.

Sorry about that little rant. I felt it was necessary after perusing WordPress. There seems to be an influx of new bloggers due to the new year. A lot of them are posting ridiculous pictures of themselves and I just had to say something. If you guys were absolutely dying to know what I looked like, I wouldn’t be against putting a photograph in one of my posts. I, however, preferred to be judged by my words on a page rather than my image. I think this writing speaks to who I am much better than a picture ever could.


2 thoughts on “What’s With All The Self Images?

  1. Although I am curious about what people look like, a mirror shot is really unnecessary. I hate them too. And I hate girls who always make a kissy face or a super side angle or something.

  2. Mine is the rack shot. Yes, she has boobs. And yes, we can all see them now. Also, that ab shot guys do where they’re pulling their tank top coyly up. Really???

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