Who Embodies You In A Book/Movie?

I just saw this writing prompt and I absolutely had to expound upon it: What literary/movie character do you relate to and why?

Okay so this may speak to how much of a nerd I truly am, but I’ve read hundreds of books and the character I’ve always felt like the most is Hermione Granger. In the earlier books, she was a bossy, know-it-all nerd. That was me in a nutshell. It took me a while to temper the fact that I almost always knew the answer. My desire to share it and always be right annoyed people sometimes. However, I have found that when there’s a problem to solve people look to the brain to answer it.

The other reason I have always related is slightly vain, but Hermione (Emma Watson) had ugly duckling syndrome and so did I. Puberty was rough for me. I was gawky and awkward and had no idea how to manage my hair or dress my body type. I really didn’t fill out and start looking like a woman until about a year ago. It was quite amazing to me when boys started actually noticing me for something other than my intelligence.

So yeah, that’s me. Who do you guys relate to? I would love if you would comment. I always enjoy finding out more about my readers!


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