The Great Escape

I’m going to talk about suicide today. A hard topic, but I find that it is another that is kept in the quiet dark. I think the saddest people suffer in silence. I wish they could know that is a real sign of strength. I read some posts by bloggers who have been considering suicide today. I tried to comment on them all so they knew someone was listening. I know I have a lot of people who read this. That helps me a lot. I even appreciate those who read all the time but rarely comment. It’s really special for me when they speak up about something. So, thank you to all my readers. You’ve helped me pull through a lot.

I can’t say I haven’t thought about suicide. My mind puts me through a lot of shit sometimes. It was especially hard when I was younger. I didn’t quite understand what was happening, and I hadn’t worked out methods to get through it. For me, depression feels like a deep sadness that has no origin. You feel like you just found out your entire family was killed in a car accident. It hurts to the very core of your soul. Yet you have no idea why and it is such a hopeless situation. I have thought many times, “I can’t live my life like this. I cannot survive this much longer.” Somehow I pull through though.

I don’t think I could ever kill myself just because I couldn’t handle what it would do to my family. I also don’t think suicide is “the great escape”. Something tells me that you don’t get to run away from your demons that easily. I don’t know though. I also would never judge anyone who decided to take their own life. It makes me very sad whenever I hear about it, but I never judge. I know what that space is like. I can understand wanting to escape it forever. Sometimes the world just hurts too much.



3 thoughts on “The Great Escape

  1. Since I have thought about suicide for years, I’m pro suicide. I don’t think anybody should have to suffer to keep their family happy. I don’t agree with people in high school doing it because they may end up being happy in years to come, but I’ve been generally unhappy for over 10 years now. So why continue? Not that I’m going to kill myself now or anytime soon, but it’s a possibility in the future, I’d still say…

    • I don’t blame you, this world was cursed to be filled with grief and dispare. There is only one source of true happiness on this world, and as cliche and Jesus freakish as it sounds, it’s God. I don’t know what your religious beliefs are, but if the only reason you would stay in this world is to find happiness, I would highly recommend finding a good Catholic parish. I mean, what have you got to lose?

  2. I just discovered you blog after you liked one of my posts. You seem to have a lot of interesting things to say 🙂 I have thought about suicide a lot. There are many things that kept me from it, though I probably wasn’t aware of them all, but the main thing was fear of hell. Suicide is not an escape from the pain, it’s a guarantee of it. We all know there is something after death, it’s engraved on our human nature. If we didn’t, millions of people would have commited suicide. After all, what’s keeping us here? If there is no life after death, why are we doing this? Why not kill ourselves now to avoid any pain. Sure we might miss out on a little pleasure, but we will be non-existent, so it makes no difference. All life is precious and beautiful. Suicide, though self-inflicted, is still murder, and still a disregard and disrespect to the sanctity and value of human life. It’s extremely sad when someone is driven so mad that they would choose suicide over humanity.

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