How To Be A Good Person

This fight has basically caused the isolation of me from everyone I used to hang out with. I know it’s not a bad thing. I’ve been saying these aren’t the people I should be friends with for the longest time. I’ve known they are bad for me and not living a lifestyle I would choose to live.

Somehow I’m still managing to feel guilty about how it all happened. Everyone has the wrong impression of me. I thought I was acting with integrity by taking a step back and not getting involved. Unfortunately, S has pitted me against the other girls. I had no idea she was doing this until it was way out of control.

I’m pretty upset with her for that. It just shows me she’s no better than any of the other girls. She’s using the same nasty social media tactics. I’m getting sick and tired of reading her snarky Facebook statuses. She’s come over to my apartment a few times, but I’ve made no effort to hang out with her. I just want this all to blow over. I don’t think I can be friends with any of them again. That might mean I have to spend some time alone until I make new friends. But hopefully I’ll find better people in this world. I suppose it’s going to take time. At this point I’m mostly just looking forward to graduation.

I guess it just bothers me that they all think I’m some sort of backstabbing bitch that talks behind other peoples’ backs. I know I really shouldn’t worry about their opinion. They’ve shown their true colors. I just don’t like anyone thinking badly of me. I’ve been trying so hard to be a good person.


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