Nice People Finish Last

I’m. So. Mad. Why does being a good person always get you shit on? I sat up for hours with a friend who was inconsolably upset and blacked out drunk. She was crying and screaming about how she was going to die. This is all over her ex who wants to be with her, but she’s not willing to give up the freedom she has while single. I was up until 3:30 am trying to calm her down. She was cursing and throwing things. It was ridiculous and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. S was there too and she said I did a great job handling it, that she could not have done it herself.

The kicker about the whole thing is at one point she started screaming at me, because “I have no idea how it feels.” I almost punched her. I was dating P for twice as long as she was dating her ex. I god damned know how it feels. But I didn’t even let that get me angry. I stayed calm. Meanwhile, her ex is calling her repeatedly and she refuses to talk to him. I answered the phone and he cursed me out. She then proceeded to throw her phone across the room, almost breaking their TV.

You would think the next day she would apologize to me or thank me or something. Nope. She hasn’t said anything. I’m currently at her apartment hanging out with S who is her roommate (I live next door). Guess where she is? Over at her ex’s place. They apparently made up this morning. And you know what she told him to get back in his good graces? That I wouldn’t let her talk to him last night. So apparently it’s my fault. The only person who would console her is the one that gets the blame put on them. How is that fair?



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