Do I Intimidate You?

Apparently I’m intimidating. Don’t ask me why. That’s just what I’ve been told. I guess I’m hard to read. But why should I wear my emotions on my sleeve? That seems like a good way to get hurt or have someone take advantage of you if you ask me. So yeah, I hide what I’m feeling. If you look at me you aren’t going to have any idea what I’m thinking. In my opinion, you don’t have the right to know. And if you want to know so badly then have the balls to ask.

That’s just my opinion though. The girls I’m surrounded by don’t feel the same way. They feel a better tactic is to throw yourself at a guy until he accepts you. No thank you. I will happily continue to hide what I’m thinking. And if that makes me too intimidating you aren’t man enough to handle me anyways.

My mom thinks it’s going to be a very long time before I find someone confident enough to date me that isn’t an asshole. I think she might be right, but I still don’t understand why. Yes I’m a genius and yes I’m going to graduate college at 19. I’m not an alien though. I like to think I’m a normal person. I don’t think I’m better than anyone else either. The whole genius thing is not my defining quality. Nobody seems to realize that. It kind of sucks. I would really like to meet someone that wants to get to know the real me.


5 thoughts on “Do I Intimidate You?

  1. I’m the same way in that I dont like to show emotions unless I’m really close to someone. So really there’s only a small handful of people I would share with. I think you’re right in that it is preferable to keep it in rather than throw yourself at a guy. I’ve always believed in being pursued rather than doing the chasing anyway.

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