The Story Of How It All Fell Apart (Part 2)

So after the fight with my parents and finding out about the real G, I didn’t really think it all could get any worse. I was quite upset, so S decided we should go out to the club Thursday night to have some fun. I invited A along too, because I hadn’t hung out with her in a while. A and S don’t particularly like each other. However, they pretend to be friends because they both want to be friends with me. Normally, they get along when it’s the three of us but sometimes it can get a little tense. I thought that they would behave, because of everything that happened. They both knew I was struggling with everything that happened. Unfortunately, I was wrong yet again and it was not alright.

The problem started when we were walking to the club. A pulled me behind the group of people we were with and told me that she knew S didn’t like her and I needed to fix it. At first I was dumbfounded and just stared at her. She then continued saying I was the only person that could make S like her and it was my job as her friend to do that. I tried to suggest that she talk to S about it. She refused saying that wouldn’t work, insisting that it must be me. I told her I wasn’t going to get in between them, because they were both my friends. It was way too much for me to deal with and if she wanted a nice solution to the problem she should talk to S herself. Apparently, this really pissed her off because once we rejoined the group she said she was tired and left to go home.

Of course S sensed something was up right away. She asked me why A had left. I told her A was mad at me, but not to worry about it. We ended up not being able to get into the club, because it was too crowded so we just went back to the house. Once I got back to the house, I had seven text messages from A calling me a horrible friend and a horrible person. She said S would like her if I tried harder and it was my fault that they didn’t get along. At that point, I had had enough and I just started crying. S read the text messages and decided to call A to try and talk it over. They just ended up getting into a huge fight as well. Shortly after S hung up the phone, I got a text from A saying she was done with me because all I bring is grief and drama and she didn’t want to be my friend anymore.

The one good thing that came from A and G was that my parents forgave me and I was able to go to the lake. The big issue is that I’m supposed to live with A all of next year. We signed an apartment lease together. The rental company allows lease transfers with no penalty, but A is refusing to move. I want to live in our apartment, because it’s next door to S who is my closest friend at the moment. So right now I’m stuck with a roommate who hates me and her neighbors, but refuses to go somewhere else. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

And that’s not all folks. When I got home on Sunday, G IMed me acting like nothing was wrong. He just sent me his usual “hey, what’s up?” I was mind boggled. I resolved to ignore him, because I didn’t want to hear whatever bullshit excuse he had for disappearing for a week. Unfortunately, it got to a point where I had to talk to him because he started asking everyone if they knew why I was mad at him. It was utterly ridiculous. The conversation was quick. I told him I wanted nothing more to do with him. He asked if I would at least tell him what he did wrong. I refused. He told me, “it’s your life” and promptly unfriended me on Facebook.

So that’s my story. I apologize for the length. I’ll be writing a post detailing how I feel about all this shortly.


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