Once a warm and inviting house
Now the fire dims low
The winter winds penetrate the cracks in the thin walls
Fingers slowly start to go numb
Together they huddle next to what is left of the embers
His arm around her; they share dwindling body heat
The freeze is about to come

Her shivers turn to violent shakes
He cups her face in his hands
The dim glow illuminates her pale skin
Lips tinged blue, a hot tear runs down her cheek
He takes a trembling finger and brushes it away
A soft kiss, a sad attempt to bring her rosy complexion back to life
Her eyes are full of pain
A silent recognition, this is the end

The last of the embers die out
Darkness blankets the room
The walls tremble as they are pounded by the blizzard outside
The weight of the cold becomes too much
Two bodies lay down, arm in arm
Love’s great warmth keeps them alive just a little longer
But eventually the ice of winter conquers all…


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