My Real Personal Statement

I have come to the largest hurdle I have to leap over for my medical school applications. Writing the personal statement. I have no idea why this is so challenging for me. I write all the time. I would like to think that every single blog post I write is a personal statement. What I’m really having trouble with is what to write about. I’ve read so many websites with advice. They tell you to write about what makes you you, why you want to be a doctor, a difficult life experience you have overcome, etc. I know how I would answer these prompts in my blog. That would be easy.

I am me because I walked through hell and came out of the other end. I learned how to survive, how to deal with insurmountable pain and how to persevere through it all. I had everything taken from me, ripped out of my very being and shredded to pieces. I had to relearn everything. I had to relearn how to be human, because my humanity was stripped from me. It felt as though I had lost my soul. But I was strong. I rebuilt myself from the ground up, piece by piece. This new me has foundations of humility, morality and virtue.  I have become a kind and honest person. I see the world with open eyes, and do not take the good for granted. I know how evil the world can really be. Why do I want to be a doctor? To help people. To help people overcome the bad I know exists in the world. To put my compassion for those around me to good use. I want to heal the souls that were as lost as I was. Offer a hand to those who cannot assist themselves. There are so many out there that just need to experience someone who cares.

And there it is. Right there. My personal statement. Just about as personal as it gets. The question is whether or not to be that bold and honest on my real application. I write my best when I’m blatantly open. However, I feel as though that could backfire on me with this. Who knows what these admissions people want to read. I know I could certainly stand out. I just don’t want to stand out in a negative light. I’m sure I could churn out a decent essay about graduating early and my drive towards higher education. I don’t want to be superficial though. That’s not why I want to be a doctor. Why I want to be a doctor is written above. So now it becomes, do I take the risk or not?


2 thoughts on “My Real Personal Statement

  1. Writing personal statements is such a difficult thing to do and to do well, more to the point. Written from the heart as you have done above is beauitful and compelling, but it may be too much for those sifting through the applications.

    Perhaps a tutor you trust would be able to give you some more conrete advice than I can, as I’m sure those in the academic sphere will have a better idea of what they are and are not looking for in such statements.

    Good luck!

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