The Problem With Women

Women rely on men way too much. Especially, girls my age. I can’t think of a single friend I have that doesn’t look to a male to validate herself in some way. They don’t seem to be capable of just being alone and happy with themselves. Our entire world is centered around guys. If we don’t have one, well we better start looking or else we’ll end up forever alone. If we do have one, let’s just talk about him all the time and do nothing but think about him. It’s disgusting. We’ve gone through so many struggles to reach this state of equality that we all take for granted. Now all I see around me is girls ruining it. I shudder to think of what the feminists from the 1920s would say if they could see us now.

And we do it all for men. All for their attention. Why do we want their attention so badly anyways? Is our self esteem really so poor that we constantly need the compliments of a male to hold ourselves up with? What makes it worse is men see this weakness and they exploit it. They aren’t going to attempt to screw over a women who is strong and confident. Oh no, they are going to go for the girl who makes it obvious that no matter how badly you treat her she’ll still come back. Just make sure you buy her flowers and give her a few compliments. She’ll be begging for more in no time, and then you can go back to doing whatever you want. The cycle will then repeat itself. Usually, until the guy gets tired of the girl’s ridiculous behavior and gets rid of her for good. She’ll probably be heartbroken and it will make her self esteem even worse. This will cause her to go out desperately looking for another man to validate her. Here we go again…

I can’t say I haven’t been guilty of this behavior. Some may call me a hypocrite, because I do have a man in my life. I only reluctantly let him in though and I certainly don’t need him to feel better about myself. I’m definitely happy with my personality and the way I look which is more then I can say for my roommates. One of them loves her body, but hates her personality and the other loves her personality, but hates her body. Neither can take rejection. Just today A was reassuring herself that if things ended with Cameron she’d be able to find another guy. I asked her why she needed another guy. She said she needed to have sex. What a lie. No one needs anything but air, food and water. That girl needs a guy to lean on, because she’s so damn insecure. I keep trying to tell her she will never feel better about herself until she’s on her own for a little while. She can’t do it though. It’s sad too because the only reason she wants to grow as a person is so she can meet her soul mate. Why can’t you want to be better for you? Why do we always put ourselves last in this equation? I just don’t get it.


4 thoughts on “The Problem With Women

  1. I think it gets better the older you get. Most people end up being happy with themselves and their lives no longer center around their boyfriends. I have an insecure friend who relies on her boyfriend, but for the most part, the girls still have girl’s nights, we all still took trips (and my friends lived out of the country while their boyfriends were back home), and none of really look to the guys for validation. You roommates may be in this predicament for awhile if they never take time alone, but eventually, I think most people figure out that they need to be happy with themselves.

    • As emarie24 said above, confidence comes with age – that applies to both men and women.

      Men may not look to women for validation in the same way women do, but they can be just as insecure. It just shows up in different ways, like drinking too much, getting caught up in machismo cultures, using pretty girls as arm candy, marrying trophy wives, driving flashy cars, hanging around in groups (like school cliques, street grangs, fraternities) and so on.

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