The Nightmare

A condescending chuckle invades my ear
I turn around and there you stand, grinning maniacally
Fear and panic stab through my body like cold icicles
My mind screams as I turn to run

Feet can’t carry me fast enough
I am swept up in a sea of terror
You are always close behind
I hear your mocking tone, “You are mine. Always mine.”

I sprint through your maze of horror
Assaulted by long forgotten memories everywhere I turn
There you are, holding me as we eat ice cream in the pouring rain
The smile on your face dissolves to one of malice as your eyes become those of a monster

I wrench away from your grasp
Tears begin to stream down my face
Running, always running from you
You are fast approaching. My energy is wearing thin.

I turn to face you, to submit and bend the knee
This is your world that I cannot control
No matter what the game, you will always win
I close my eyes, admit defeat…

And wake up drenched in a cold sweat.
Only a dream. A nightmare.


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