The Key To The Door

Your warm hands touch my ice cold skin
Fingers gently entwine themselves and squeeze tight
Heat slowly transfers as I begin to feel myself thaw
You wrap an arm around me and pull me closer
A strong embrace giving me the safety I so strongly desire

Your energy radiates and begins to work itself in
A calm washes over me, as I open my mind to you
You tenderly probe my thoughts
A desire to understand the being in your arms overtakes you
“What are you thinking about right now?”

I feel your relaxed presence inside my head
It softly moves through the most outer layers of my thoughts
You walk through a lush garden filled with many brilliant shades of orange
Coming upon the mansion that is the deep recess of my brain you stop
The only door to this mysterious place is locked

You stand on the outside of the door
Calmly, patiently waiting to be let in
Never push, bang or try to break it down
You know I hold the key
I could let you in at any time
But can you handle the monster that is raging inside?


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