A Slave To My Own Mind

Exhaustion clouds my being as my mind becomes covered in a shroud of fog
Images begin to flash, bright and powerful
They assault my consciousness
Memories that have been hidden away in the cold depths
Never accessed in the light of day
Now unleashed as the dark curtain of night falls down around me

Well built walls crumble as scenes from a past life return from the dead
Invincible, they invade my consciousness and take it under their control
Held captive by my own brain, I am shackled to the walls
Forced against my will to relive the past
Taunting voices torture my soul and reopen freshly healed wounds
My wounded heart is openly bleeding once more

I close my eyes and begin to pray
Desperate for a salvation to release me from this prison
A place where I am a slave to the power of my own mind
It’s strength is overwhelming
Slamming me to my knees as I admit defeat
The horror film of the past begins to play…


One thought on “A Slave To My Own Mind

  1. For some reason, certain blogs I’ve followed don’t show up under my “Read” section, so I haven’t been seeing anything you’ve been writing lately! I actually was wondering yesterday what had happened to you! I’ll have to visit again, not sure why my wordpress is doing that!!!

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