My Life And Poetry

I’ve been writing a lot of poems lately. I hope you all have been enjoying them. They aren’t going to complete replace the way I used to write though. My mind has just been in a very abstract state and I have really liked expressing that through poetry. I find it therapeutic and calming.

If you all have any thoughts please comment. I can write more of the essay style posts if you all are missing those. If you like the poetry though, I’ll be happy to keep writing it. I feel like I’m gradually getting better at it which is nice.

Oh and an update on my life for my followers: I beat 250 people to get accepted into a biomedical research internship at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. I’m very excited about that. Things with G are going well. He is pretty close to accepting a job in NYC with a starting salary of 60k. Tonight he asked me if I would come visit him. He also said he would come see me at my home and that he wouldn’t mind meeting my parents. It’s scary to think that we are progressing towards that, but I like him so I’m okay with giving it a shot. That’s all that has been significant. Other then that I’ve just been plugging away at school. Only one month left in the semester!


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