The Stranger

Brooding eyes watch her from a distance.
Standing at the edge of the woods,
He dares not allow her to see.
He does not feel he can keep up with her world.

She dances alone in a field.
Blonde hair radiates in the sun.
Arms outstretched, she twirls round and round.
Pain shines in her hazel eyes as they stare towards the blue, cloudless sky.

A look of remorse is cast across his face.
He sees beauty pouring out of her fractured soul.
He longs to step out of the forest and into her dazzling light.
Fear holds him back, he’s been in the shadows for far too long.

One small tear runs down the lines of her face.
A worn path that has been traveled many times before.
She falls to her knees, burying her face in her hands.
The weight of this cruel world comes crashing down around her.

He cannot stand to watch her fall.
A desire to help this tortured soul moves him out of the forest and into the light.
He reaches her and gently lays a hand on her shoulder.
Her eyes turn to meet his, gazing in wonder.

With a tender touch he helps her to her feet.
She falls into his arms.
Her saving grace, she wonders if someone finally heard her prayers.
This stranger she feels she has known for years.


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