A Question For You All

Last night I was talking to A about the direction I want to take my blog in. I’m certainly not in the same place I was when I began writing it. I do have a lot of the same issues, but they are presenting themselves in different ways. I keep gaining more and more popularity though. It’s nice to know that I’m reaching people. I may be young, but I do feel my words have something to offer. I really appreciate my readers. I would love to know each of you personally, and if you have a story to share please send me an email (MakeLifeOrange@gmail.com) . The path I travel has not been easy, but it is a comfort to know how many people I have supporting me. And since you are all so important I have a question for you, what do you want me to write about? Where do you want me to go with this? I’m open to any suggestions or criticisms. I want to know what you all think about this. Please share anything; I really just desire to know the questions you ask when you read my writing, and what you wish I would write about more.


2 thoughts on “A Question For You All

  1. Perhaps you can get a little more personal with your readers, just like what this post is generally doing. Ask for the participation of your followers and others across WordPress. I know this is an incredibly vague comment but there’s a lot you can do with reader participation!

  2. Write about what is important to you; if you’re not engaged with the topic you’re writing about it won’t be easy for your readership to do likewise.

    What really impresses me about your blogging is that you manage to do it so consistently on almost daily basis. I admire your energy in that regard.

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