A Living Oddity ( is having a poetry contest. I feel the need to participate, and support my comrade in blogging. Now I don’t normally write poetry (as many of you know) so this probably won’t be anything special. I am excited to experiment with a new writing style though. We shall see how this goes.

Shackled to the walls.

Bruised. Bleeding. Broken. Naked. Exposed.

Darkness, complete darkness.

Feel your mind penetrate mine.


There is pain, a blinding pain.

The heart shreds to pieces.

You laugh, a maniac.

This is fun, all a game. I’m your toy.


You get bored; I’m used and worn.

Left locked in a cage, shackled to the walls.

Strain against chains, too weak to break free.

Head falls in dismay. Trapped forever.


A thin beam of light shoots through the darkness,

Illuminating the broken body.

A figure appears.

Fear. Has he returned?


Figure moves closer, slowly.

A gentle hand brushes away the tears.

Unlocks the shackles, supports the frail girl.

Carries her from her prison and into the light of day.







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