The Future

G and I were talking about hobbies, so I told him I wrote a blog. He thought it was really cool. So then I asked him what I should write my next post about. He said the future, specifically my future. I would write about my future, if I thought I could. I have no idea what’s going to happen to me. It’s scary, but liberating at the same time. Life is going day by day and flying by at the same time. I don’t know where I will be a week from now, let along a year from now. I’m okay with that though. I need to focus on living in the moment. I want to enjoy what I have now and not worry about the future.

G did take that chance to ask me where I wanted to go to medical school. I told him somewhere on the east coast that’s north of DC. Then he asked if I had thought about Brown. This was very significant to me. Why? Because Brown is right near where the job he’s interviewing for is. Does he really see me in his future? It seems as though he does. I wonder what it is he likes about me so much. I know what I like about him, but I really have no idea what attracts him to me. I guess I need to work on my confidence in that way.

The future is certainly a mystery. I cannot predict what will happen with G. I have no idea. The same goes for D. I just need to continue to live my life. I am going to work day by day to achieve my ultimate goal, medical school. That’s what I want for my future. I want to be a doctor and save lives. And whatever man wants to stand by my side and support me in that will be allowed to stay in my life. Anyone who threatens to jeopardize that dream will quickly be shut out. That’s just a fact right now. My main focus can not be finding someone to settle down with. At least not until I achieve med school.


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