The Right One

Well G is perfect. I cannot find one flaw. I cannot find one thing I do not like about him. He is the nicest guy that I have ever met. The only problem I have is that he is graduating at the end of this semester.

Last night we had a conversation about sex. I admitted that I was an extremely horny person, but I was nervous because I hadn’t started with anyone new in over two years. He was completely understanding. He told me we could wait as long as I wanted or if I wanted him to go for it he would. I told him I did want him to go for it. I hung out with him for quite a long time tonight. We did have sex and it was fantastic. The best I’ve ever had. I was being shy though. Later I thanked him for being patient with me and he said, “You’re welcome. Your comfort is my main priority.”

How did I get this lucky? I’m so scared. It feels too good to be true. I keep waiting for demons to pop out. I keep waiting for him to do something mean or selfish. He never does. He tends to my every need with a huge grin on his face. He’s also smart like me. He started college when he was 17. He didn’t think it was weird at all that I was eighteen and a junior. In fact, he was happy and impressed.

I like to think there’s something out there looking out for me. Whatever higher powers there are saw that I have been through enough. They finally sent me a good guy. Granted, I am absolutely terrified. I am afraid of everything that goes along with getting involved with someone. I don’t want to be hurt again or go through the amount of pain I had to with P. But maybe G is worth that risk. Maybe he could be exactly what I need.


One thought on “The Right One

  1. Don’t get so caught up on thinking he’s perfect. He’s just another guy, like you’re just another girl. I’m glad he’s a good guy (he definitely sounds like it), but if you start building him up because he’s so much better than P, you may end up overlooking things you wouldn’t normally (that may come out way later into a relationship if it goes there). He will have flaws, and they may not be that he’s an asshole like P, but they’ll be there. And you can’t falter when he has them. And you two are both still young and you may end getting hurt at the end of all of this, but you can’t really let that stop you. You just can’t let yourself get consumed with the “what if this relationship ends” and you have to just enjoy it day by day.

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