At A Loss…

Well, I knew something bad was bound to happen eventually. I thought I was supposed to hang out with G today. He made it sound like he wanted to yesterday. He also chatted with me for a couple hours last night on Facebook. Today he was so weird though. I didn’t hear from him at all. So I finally gave in and decided to text him at 6:30. After getting three one word texts in a row I just didn’t respond. No word since and he’s not online on Facebook.

I’m definitely upset about it. I’m a lot less upset now then I was a couple of hours ago though. A had to work really hard to get me out of my funk. I’m just absolutely terrified he randomly decided he didn’t like me. I have no other way to explain his behavior today. Last night I went with S to one of Bryan’s concerts because he’s a trombone major. G told me next time Bryan has a concert, I should invite him so we can make S the third wheel. That makes it sound an awful lot like we’re a couple to me. It also seems like he likes me. So what the hell happened between then and now?

D being back in the picture does not help this situation. He was talking to me all day today. It’s really nice to have him back. I missed chatting with him. He does muddle my brain though, like I said earlier. I just really hope G is just busy. I want him to redeem himself. He’s the first guy I’ve let myself like since P. I don’t want it to fall through this quickly. That would really hurt and do some major damage to my self esteem. It would definitely make me really afraid to try this again with someone else. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. I’m pretty much at a loss right now.


2 thoughts on “At A Loss…

  1. Dont get your undies in a bundle (totally what ny mom would say). But seriously, relax. He may be busy. Or you know, maybe hes not interested. Whatever it is, the first big upset after a breakup is 100 times worse, but itll go away. And it wont reflect on any guy in the future who may talk to you. Being single means you constantly have to take chances and put yourself out there. Youre gonna fall a few times. And youll get back up every time, just like you did after p.

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