Brighten Every Journey

I’m officially starting to go a little stir crazy. I’m not the type that is capable of being inactive. And I’ve been inactive for three weeks. I have a desperate need to swim, or run or anything that will get my heart rate up and my blood flowing. Unfortunately, that is not allowed right now. Not to mention my thighs are blue, green and bruised from all those damned catheters. I can’t be on my feet for very long without being in pain. Doesn’t change the fact that I want to exercise though.

I haven’t been doing much, haven’t heard from G and haven’t thought anything worthwhile. That’s why it’s been two days since I’ve posted. I realize this is the longest I’ve ever gone without writing a blog post since I started this. It’s kind of weird. There is a legitimate reason I haven’t heard from G though. This weekend is Penn State’s 46 hour dance marathon for pediatric cancer (more affectionately known as THON). G is a dancer. That requires standing from start to finish for the entire 46 hours. THON is a huge deal at Penn State. Everyone goes and supports those who are dancing in it. One of the rules though is that if you are there supporting, you don’t sit down. That sort of leaves me out of it. I doubt I could walk to where THON is being held without needing to sit down. Anyways, dancers also aren’t allowed to know the time or have cell phones. So I’m really not worried about the fact that G hasn’t contacted me, all things considered. He doesn’t really have a way to. I imagine I’ll hear from him Monday or Tuesday after he has recovered.

I’m quite bored right now. I wish I could go to THON, but like I said it would be ill advised for me to even make the walk (it’s about a mile from where I live). Anyways, I figured I could do my part to support the cause. For all of you reading, I implore you to check out and consider making a donation. It’s for a great cause. All amounts make a difference.


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