One Last Request

Tomorrow is the big day. I’m going in for my heart surgery at 7 am. Like I said earlier, I have utmost confidence I’ll be okay. I have a whole bunch of people that are rallied around me sending me positive thoughts. All that positive energy has to do some good right?

However, if by some freak accident I never come back to my blog I have something to request of you guys. Please share my story. Spread it around so everyone knows. I wrote a post called There Are Monsters Lurking In The Dark about this, but I need to harp on it again. We need to spread awareness about domestic violence and abuse in relationships. Not just physical abuse, but emotional and verbal as well. There are too many women, just like I was, who are suffering in silence. Help them realize that there is hope.

I request that you all do this if you don’t hear from me in a week. Hell, you can do it no matter what if you so choose. But it’s most important for if I never come back. Write about how it’s possible to leave these monsters. With strength, I left P and I am all the better for it. I got away from my rapist and my abuser and I am thriving. I want them to know they can too and there is help out there for those who need it. No one needs to suffer alone. No women should put up with a man who ever hurts her or makes her feel bad about herself. Never.

I am sure I will be fine. But I like to plan for all possible scenarios. I hope you’ll all hear from me in a couple days. But if you don’t, please, spread my message. Do it in any way you so choose, just don’t let it be lost. Don’t let the victims be forgotten.


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