Weird Signals And Line Crossing (Help!)

Something weird is going on. I just get these gut instincts when I know something is up. One of those somethings happened today. P had two best friends. I’m going to call one of them E. E and I always got along very well, because we’re both into Biology. We took a few  classes together, and we used to walk to our chemistry labs together. Granted, I never thought of him as more then a friend. He was also always there to help me work on whatever was going on with me and P. Some nights when P would black out and start freaking out on me I would call E and he would come and help calm P down. I really appreciated him for that.

Anyways, today E commented on my Facebook status. Anyone related to Paul’s life has been pretty silent as far as my Facebook goes. It’s just pretty much understood that you don’t comment on your friend’s ex-girlfriend’s status. So for E to do that struck me as very weird. Tonight, I wanted to figure out why he did that so I went to his Facebook. 22 hours ago he broke up with his girlfriend of nearly three years. I never liked his girlfriend. She was always cold and miserable. I’m also pretty sure P was in love with her. P might even be closer to her then E. That’s a problem because P and E live together.

Of course I’m analyzing the shit out of this scenario. It could mean nothing. But why would E make contact with me after nearly five months. I’m sure the fact that he broke up with his girlfriend just 12 hours before, has something to do with it. I’m considering sending him a message just to make sure he’s okay and saying I’m sorry about him and his girlfriend. I know they thought they were going to get married, so this must be rough. I also know what it feels like and we were friends for a while. We hung out all the time when I was with P. I just don’t know if I’m overstepping my boundaries. He did already start the crossing of lines though.

Any outside opinions on this would be greatly appreciated.


3 thoughts on “Weird Signals And Line Crossing (Help!)

  1. I’ve stayed friends with my ex’s friends and it’s not a big deal. E’s probaby just hurt and knows you and that you’ve been there. It’s okay to reach out.

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