Addiction And A Rapidly Declining Life

I need to diverge from my heartbreak discussions to talk about another issue in my life. My roommate A and her addiction. Now this isn’t a stereotypical addiction, especially for a girl. I definitely classify it as one though because she’s doing it to self medicate and she will not stop. It’s rapidly destroying her life. She is skipping an overwhelming amount of her classes and sabotaging the only friendships she has here at school.

A is addicted to Nintendo Wii. She literally plays twelve hours a day. She does nothing else. She only stops to do homework and go to classes that have mandatory attendance policies. Recently, she’s been skipping those classes too, sending emails that she is sick. A is an English/Education major. Her classes are not that time intensive. She has at most four hours a day and two days of the week she only has an hour. Yet she claims she needs “a break”. In my mind, this is an excuse. I have over six hours every day and you don’t see me complaining.

What gets me even more is she feels like she has very few real friendships here at school. I’m her only true friend. But instead of doing extracurriculars and building friendships she blocks everyone out. Oh did I mention she plugs in headphones and watches television while she plays Nintendo? Last night we both had nothing to do. I kept trying to hang out with her and talk, but she just snapped at me every time I “interrupted” her.

I have nothing against video games. I play them too, but I do it in moderation. I really don’t want to deal with my friend treating my like shit. I’m rapidly getting fed up with her. I have all this stuff going on and my life functions fine. I haven’t given up and put myself in a video game induced coma to avoid feeling anything. I certainly could have and that may have been easier at the time. But I have too much resolve for that. Im not sure if A knows why she is doing this. I think she does deep down inside, but if she keeps it up I’m going to distance myself from her. I refuse to take on fixing her. This may seem cruel, but I’m having enough trouble with my own life. I don’t need that extra burden to bear.


2 thoughts on “Addiction And A Rapidly Declining Life

  1. It is kind of scary when people become addicted to video games and prefer to live a imaginary life inside of them.. If she flat out refuses to do anything about it though and doesn’t see a problem with hiding from life to play video games instead, I’m not sure if there’s anything you can do for her if she has zero will to help herself.

    • Yeah, I agree with you. I’ve decided to give her space. When she wants help, I’m sure she will ask for it. I’m just not going to try if she’s not going to also try.

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