The Heart: Two Separate Organs Beating At Once

Is it pure coincidence that my heart condition decided to get extremely bad when my heart was broken? I find it very ironic. I do think it is purely coincidental, especially after seeing the cardiologist today. However, I can’t help but feel as though the physical organ is responding to the pain the emotional organ is suffering with. It’s as if my actual heart is beating extra fast, just to keep my bleeding soul going. I broke down today before my appointment in front of A. She didn’t seem to know what to do. I think I was just so afraid that something was really wrong with me. I’m not ready to die. I’m not ready for open heart surgery. The stress was overwhelming and I was very scared. I have a whole lot of life left to live and I want to be able to live it to the fullest.

It turns out there is something wrong with my heart. The cardiologist was fantastic though. I haven’t had very many positive experiences with doctors. I find many of them are cold and insensitive. This guy was the exact opposite. He was genuinely interested in me as a person. I appreciated that. It helped me relax. While I was there they did an EKG. The EKG revealed I have extra beats coming from the upper atrium. He said this is an indicator of a Supraventricular tachycardia. The most likely issue is that I have an extra circuit running into my heart is how it was explained in layman’s terms. We won’t know for sure until they get a readout of my heart while I’m having a palpitation so I have to wear a cardiac monitor until it happens (I had one this evening, so we’ll see what they say about it tomorrow). But the doctor seemed fairly positive that is what was going on. The good news about this condition is that it is treatable. I’m going to need to have a surgery type thing where they basically burn out this extra circuit. It’ll be done at Penn State Hershey with doctors who specialize in the electrical circuitry of the heart. There is some risk, and I may end up needing a pacemaker, but the chances are very slim.

Obviously, I’m not thrilled about the fact that I have to have this procedure done. I am really happy that it is a treatable condition though. I feel very relieved. I’m still not allowed to swim or exercise until this problem is fixed. Luckily, the doctor has personal friends who do this type of work. He said that as soon as we get a good readout of my heart in arrhythmia, we can schedule the surgery. It could get done as early as next week and then I could be back to synchronized swimming as soon as I was healed. This is awesome, because if all goes well I’ll be back by Regionals. Not to mention, I’ll never have to worry about my physically beating heart again. Then I can focus my efforts on healing the emotional side of it.


7 thoughts on “The Heart: Two Separate Organs Beating At Once

  1. I’m very happy for you, Sam. Going to the cardiologist was a step in the right direction, he seems to know exactly what’s up and knows how to treat you. Sounds to me you’ll be back into swimming competitively in no time.

  2. It’s well known that stress affects people’s physical health, so I’m not at all surprised that having your heart broken (about as stressful a thing as will happen to most people) has coincided with your physical health taking a downturn too. I’m just very glad to hear that the physical problems you have are treatable, and quickly at that.

    • Thank you for commenting. I think you’re right. They probably did coincide. It is very nice to know that at least the problems with my real heart are treatable though.

  3. People underestimate the effect of stress on the body so it’s certainly possible there is a connection between your heart problems and you being heartbroken. It’s like how sometimes when you feel so sad that you actually feel a cold shudder in your heart.

  4. Well, I’m glad there’s a solution there! I see people who have spells of SVT and go back into a regular rhythm somewhat often. They all sound just like the symtpoms you described the other day. At least it’ll get better :o) And pacemakers aren’t the end of the world!

  5. Well today doesn’t seem nearly as bleak as yesterday for you, so that’s encouraging. I am really happy to hear this scary, intimidating, but good news.
    Stay positive and smile often.
    I will share something I learned from one of my parents who was terminally ill, in regard to what life throws at you, “It is what it is”.
    What I always took that to mean is that you don’t have to accept what happens, you just learn to make the best of it. You have that spirit, don’t lose it.

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