Another Day In A College Lecture Hall

I need some comic relief. So I decided to give you guys some more observations from my physics lecture. Everyone seemed to enjoy them last time.

1. I’m closer to the front this time

2. The past two classes the frat boy in front of me has worn a tshirt that’s cut in pieces.

3. Apparently, he isn’t aware it’s cold outside.

4. He does have nice biceps though.

5. His friend also has a cut up tshirt. I wonder if the guys at Alpha Epsilon Pi bond by shredding their shirts.

6. Today we’re learning about eyes.

7. My eyes have some focusing issues.

8. Girls love to write in colored pens.

9. I’m guilty. My pen is orange.

10. That fire extinguisher is still bothering me. I should check the expiration date on the way out.

11. Who decided to paint these walls baby blue?

12. If my in state tuition is the highest in the country, why am I still looking at an overhead projector?

13. For a physics professor this guy knows a lot about anatomy.

14. Speaking of physics professors, why do they always wear plaid, button down shirts?

15. Biology professors always wear solid colored polos.

16. Chemistry professors tend towards sweater vests.

17. I just realized I could probably tell a science professor’s subject by their clothes.

18. Someone needs to tell girls at this school that leggings aren’t pants.

19. Well, now I understand why I’m wearing glasses right now.

20. Older adults always sit in the very front. Why is that?

21. I’m near sighted so my eye is myopic. Gotta love learning new words.

22. I’ve gotten seven emails in twenty five minutes.

23. Quite a few people have fallen asleep at this point.

24. Frat boy’s cologne is giving me a headache

25. I would never go for a guy like that, no matter how nice his biceps are.

26. Only five more minutes, gotta wrap this up.


2 thoughts on “Another Day In A College Lecture Hall

  1. I’m in a lecture hall right now. I’m about to fall asleep. I had no sleep last night and I’ve just had a sugar crash.


    It doesn’t help that Macroeconomics is boring.

    • I definitely feel ya. Macroecon is my least favorite class that I’ve ever taken. That’s probably because I’m a science person, but I still thought it was significantly more horrible then all the other non-science classes I’ve taken.

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