Life In A College Lecture Hall

I’m in physics class right now. I should probably pay attention since this is my worst class, but I really can’t concentrate. Clearly the remedy to this issue is to blog. I’m going to tell you what I see so you can get an idea of what it’s like to sit in a lecture at my school.

1. This lecture hall is huge and old. There’s probably 300 people in here.

2. Only three quarters of these college kids are actually paying attention

3. The girl sitting in front of me was in my lab group last semester. You always see someone you know.

4. My professor is fat, wears glasses and is nerdy looking. Can we get anymore stereotypically physics?

5. He also can’t draw anything. That fish looks like a blob.

6. Someone just rolled in late. They have to sit on the stairs.

7. The person behind me is probably reading this.

8. These desks don’t allow for personal space. This girl needs to get her arm away from my notebook.

9. Everyone around me was talking about Joe Paterno before class started. Some of them still are.

10. The fire extinguisher looks about 500 years old. Hopefully nothing ever gets set on fire.

11. This room looks like it was probably decorated by my physics professor

12. Why does 50 minutes feel like 2 hours?

13. After this I have EMT lecture. That class makes 2 hours feel like 50 minutes.

14. It’s 1:50. Halfway done!

15. There’s some frat boys 3 rows in front of me. They look thoroughly confused. I’m proud of them for showing up.

16. If you lose something in here make sure you call Randy Penn. Whoever that is…

17. Words cannot describe how boring this is

18. He just turned the lights out for a demo. Nap time.

19. There’s a girl with a bright orange hoodie. I’m jealous.

20. I have retained nothing on lenses.

Okay, I’m done. I promise not all of my classes suck this much. I do usually pay attention which is why I’ve never done this before an probably won’t do it again for a whole. It’s just an exceptionally boring day in the life of a bio major. I hope you enjoyed. I’ll write a real post later tonight.


5 thoughts on “Life In A College Lecture Hall

    • I appreciate your advice, but writing is just a hobby for me. I’m training to be an EMT and I really would like to be in emergency medicine. But thank you for reading and commenting!

  1. If it’s any consolation, I always found my eyes glazing over during physics lectures too – and genetics & molecular biology lectures too, for that matter. You’ve certainly got great attention to detail.

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