You Can Break Everything, But So What? I Can Take Anything

The title of this post is a quote from my new favorite song which is called “Little Dreams” by Ellie Goulding. I do feel very weak sometimes. However, I do pride myself on my resilience. If I get down, that maybe lasts for an hour. I have developed the ability to pick myself up quickly. It’s been necessary for me to make it through this. I don’t have time to brood. I’m not going to let myself spend all day doing it. I could curl up in bed and watch romantic comedies. Or, I could get back out there and live my life. That’s what I choose to do. It’s been a tough week, but I am okay. You could add something else to this pile of shit I’m dealing with, and I would still be fine. That’s a quality I really like about myself.

I’m in a good mood. I made it to Friday. Now it’s the weekend and I can have fun. I’m hoping we can find a party to go to. It’s supposed to snow 4-6 inches tonight, but I don’t care. That might make everything more interesting. I know I complain about getting hit on by random guys, but I’m in the mood for it right now. I could use a few compliments. Even if they are only directed at me in hopes of getting in my pants. I find that if you have the right expectations, you can still have fun in these situations. The dynamics of college are weird. Sometimes I’m amazed people ever end up in relationships since the expectation is that you will sleep with someone the first night you meet them at a party. I feel like that skips quite a few steps. You meet this person you have great chemistry with, you get drunk and so you want to have sex. Of course, the next day you’re mortified that it happened, and it ruins any chemistry you did have with them. It’s not a very effective process, if you ask me. Not to mention pop culture encourages this behavior. Jersey Shore anybody? Sometimes I think my generation is doomed.


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