Life’s Uncertainties

S and Bryan are finally official. They were seeing each other off and on all last semester, but they never took that extra step. I think he’s good for her, and she is always really happy whenever she sees him. Last night they were both glowing at each other at the party. I thought it was adorable, but at that point they were still not officially dating. I kept wondering why Bryan hadn’t asked her out yet. I could see on his face that he really cared about her. It might have been the alcohol talking, or the frustration with the situation, or a combination of both but I got fed up with the situation. I pulled Bryan to the side, looked him in the eye and blatantly said, “What’s your end game with S?” He looked pretty taken aback. I don’t think he was expecting that from me since I’ve only met him a few times. He told me he really liked her and thought they had a special connection. However, he was worried that she wouldn’t date him because he was a senior and this is his last semester. I felt like I had to be honest so I told him that S really likes him, but if he doesn’t do something about it soon he’s going to lose her to someone else. Later that night he asked her to be his girlfriend. She said yes.

I’m never going to tell S about that conversation. I told Bryan we could pretend like it never happened. He seemed grateful. The whole thing got me wondering about events that occur because of someone else stepping in. I don’t know if Bryan ever would have asked her out if I hadn’t said that to him. Sometimes we need that extra push to reaffirm ourselves. S will never know, and I think that’s good. I started to ponder how often a friend intervened on my behalf. I wonder if it ever happened at all. We can’t ever know though. Life transpires in mysterious ways. Events that we think happened by random chance may, in reality, have been carefully planned by another person. That person may be trying to help us, but they could also be trying to hurt us. So the question is, do we continue on down our path oblivious? Or do we begin to try and spot these not so divine interventions? Personally, I think you have to be wary of people with malicious or manipulative intent. The ability to spot them is important, because they could really hurt you. However, living a life of paranoia is no life at all. We have to find a happy medium, somewhere between blissful ignorance and constant fear.


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