Noah, Allie And My Happy Ending

My brother and I decided to watch Step Up 3 tonight. What a terrible movie. It was low budget and the only thing it had going for it was some cool dance scenes. Don’t waste your time. Of course the movie had some sappy love story between two of the dancers. Not to mention the guy was incredibly hot, thoughtful and sensitive. Anyways, they fall in love and then they have a falling out, but don’t worry if your hanging on to the edge of your seat! They get back together in the end. How. Corny.

Yet here I am crying. Why? I dunno. I guess I’m a sucker after all. Who doesn’t want a happy ending? I also sometimes wonder if that actually exists. Maybe part of the reason I’m upset is because I feel like that will never happen for me. I suppose having never been in a functional, healthy relationship my views are a little skewed. Is there such thing as true love and a happy ending? Before P, I was a firm believer that there was. I watched The Notebook and prayed for the day I’d meet my Noah. In the beginning, I thought P might be Noah. We watched that movie together. He cried at the end. He told me he loved me then.

I watched it with D as well. Nearly two years ago. He cried at the end too. It’s funny how you never realize men are babies until you get them in a room with just you and that movie. They also will never admit they like it to anyone but you. D told me I was like Allie after we watched that. To this day I wonder what he meant by that.

The Notebook is my favorite movie. I know this must be surprising, since I talked about how much I hate love songs yesterday. I don’t hate love songs. I just hate them right now. I’m still a romantic at heart. That hasn’t been beaten out of me yet. The world is a happier place when I remind myself that there is a Noah out there for me. He’s probably not as buff or attractive as Ryan Gosling, but he’s somewhere. Okay now I’m getting too sappy and romantic. I should just stop this and go write a love song. Goodnight everybody.


One thought on “Noah, Allie And My Happy Ending

  1. Being a Noah is hard work. I’m probably not as compassionate as I could be – and have some other shortcomings, but my wife said she found her diamond among the rocks – but still we struggle sometimes – her dad was ill for a while and passed away to be buried on Jan 1st. It was probably a peak of a difficult time trying to visit him in & out of hospital etc. Point being that reality is tough sometimes, but I sometimes think better a lonely heart than a broken heart – not broken, but sometimes it seems close – especially lately. …but God will rebuild our house – He gave me a chapter in Job to encourage me … and He is faithful & loving. The ultimate Husband – if you consider the sections of the Bible that talks of Him coming to fetch His bride. We have to trust God – especially when it’s hard – and be very faithful to him. The odds of meeting my wife like I did was zero. People don’t start dating strangers after having a car accident with them. Pray & trust & be patient in God. He is trustworthy – NOBODY else really is. People always tend to disappoint. Expect it a little bit – then you won’t be so surprised when mr. perfect you might meet messes up. We have to forgive the small mess-ups after all. Blessings.

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