How I Feel About Love Songs….(And Taylor Swift)

I’ll tell you how I feel about love songs. I hate them. Maybe, I’m a cynic or maybe I’m just bitter. However, I cannot stand to listen to Adele moan on about finding someone like you. That songs comes on the radio, the station gets changed. That’s Rule #1 when I’m driving. I’d much prefer to listen to her set fire to the rain. That’s much more empowering. Or even better, listen to Paramore. Hayley Williams knows where its at.  I just don’t want to end up pulled over on the side of the road bawling my eyes out.

I’m one of those people that’s constantly got some sort of music playing into my ears. Even though I’m in a committed relationship with Biology right now, I used to have a very long lasting thing with the piano. I could have majored in it. However, I didn’t like the idea of potentially being homeless and one hundred grand in debt. Anyways, music is a very important part of my life. Currently, I’m listening to post-rock. It’s a great genre of music if you’ve never tried it out. It’s like alternative/indie, but with no lyrics. I like it because I’m not getting bogged down by trying to understand the poetic meaning of the song. Instruments can make enough of a meaning on their own. You should all try this out for size

Finally, Taylor Swift. She’s at the top of my hate list for writing love songs. Sometimes I wonder if she’s capable of writing anything else. I also wonder if she’s capable of writing a semi-complex melody at all. I don’t think so. Which is why I hate how popular she is. There’s not much talent there. Just a pretty face, who can strum a few chords and kind of sing. There are plenty of those out there, so can we please get over her? I must admit, I am somewhat of a hypocrite right now. I always have certain songs that I feel describe my life. They are constantly changing, depending on where I’m at in life. I have two right now, and one of them is actually by Taylor Swift. It’s called Dear John ( The lyrics speak to me though, “Long were the nights when my days once revolved around you. Counting my footsteps praying the floor won’t fall through, again.” It doesn’t get more P then that. Except maybe, “I lived in your chess game, but you changed the rules everyday.” But I’m not going to quote the whole song for you. I have a feeling many of you will appreciate it, so give it a listen.

The other song is Numb by Linkin Park ( Not the version with Jay-Z, although I like that one too. Linkin Park is a fantastic band in my opinion. I saw them live, and they were phenomenal. I don’t normally listen to hard rock, but for them I make an exception. This post has been largely music related. So if you like music, I hope you enjoy it. If you don’t, I plan on writing another one later today. I had a lot of topics I wanted to write about. It took me quite a while to settle on the music, but I’m glad I made that decision.


6 thoughts on “How I Feel About Love Songs….(And Taylor Swift)

    • You’re right. It is. But it falls in a different genre of love songs then “Someone Like You”. Just my opinion though 🙂

      • It does have a different feel to it, although both songs do deal with having difficulty moving on after a relationship ends. I suppose what you said was right though – Set Fire to the Rain does have a more empowered feeling.

  1. Well, I do love “love” songs and Adele, but it’s okay to disagree. 🙂 However, I agree with you on Taylor Swift. In my opinion, she can’t really sing or carry a tune without being off at some point. I used to sing, so I’m very “attuned” to on and off key voices. I think she does have entertainment quality, but who couldn’t, if they’re marketed and told what to do, which is what the world is coming to, nowadays. I’m 51, so it’s easy to think back in the day of when a talented singer just had to sing on stage with maybe one instrument and the audience is “wowed.” I think those days are gone. Thanks for listening! 🙂

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