Baby It’s Cold Outside

I must admit the title of this post is slightly misleading considering I have no person to call “baby”. But I digress…

Today I got back on the exercising track. I’d been off it since I had a strange bug, but I felt fairly normal today so I decided to give it a shot. I went for a three mile trail run. As many of you out there know, it’s COLD today. Cold as in twenty degrees where I am right now. Many of you are probably wondering why I didn’t just go to the gym. Well, there are two reasons for that:

  1.  Everyone and their mom is at the gym right now because of New Year’s Resolutions.
  2. I hate running on treadmills because I feel like I’m going nowhere.

To everyone, who’s at my gym right now trying to get in shape. Good for you. Make it last. Anyways, I made the decision to run outside. It’s pretty much impossible to dress for running and below freezing weather at the same time. I started out fairly warm, but by the time I got halfway through, the cold was starting to seep in. I like pushing my body to the limits though. I certainly did today. It was probably the most challenging run I’ve ever been on. Not because the trail was particularly hard, it was really just the weather. The last mile and a half, the wind was blowing against me which made it even harder. My face burned, my eyes were getting dry, my hands were numb and my legs zinged with every step. But the thing is, I feel great after that. That’s one kind of pain I can thrive on. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated after last night. I’m ready to get back to focusing on improving my life and achieving my goals. I need to start by finishing these internship applications…


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